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One kit to sew them all

We give you everything you need to assemble your clothes immediately, no experience needed, no supplies needed ! (except of course a working sewing machine).




The fabric is already cut to your size. To help you sew, we have drawn markings on the wrong side of the fabric (the inside of the garment once sewn). No worries, no one will see them! Also the markings go away once you iron the fabric, so don't be scared.


As it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate the wrong side from the right side (the outside of the garment), we have put stickers with letters on the wrong side of the fabric alongside the markings. That way you will always know which side is which, and which part is which, even after sewing the parts together along the markings.







Alongside the fabric, we also give you the best quality thread on the market, an empty spool, a good amount of needles and a nice test fabric piece so that you can experiment on the fabric before starting to sew your amazing creation. 


Finally, and most importantly, we guide you every step of the way. Not only do we give you a paper manual with all the necessary information, but we also provide video tutorials on how to assemble your clothes. No risk to get lost or confused !