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What is this “Make my own T-shirt concept”?

Put simply we allow you to sew your T-shirt from A to Z. We provide you with fabric pre-cut based on your chosen color, style and measurement. We also provide any other accessories you will need such as thread and pins. In short, we give you everything except a sewing machine.

Sewing a T-shirt can be a complicated process even for those experienced in sewing. This is why we have carefully understood the pain points of making your own clothes and broken it down into simple steps.

We carefully label each fabric with stickers. We draw lines on the fabric so you can sew along it. We also provide markings so you simply have to join them together. Finally we give you highly detailed step by step video tutorials and instruction manuals to sew easily. Think of it as putting together IKEA furniture, but for your clothes.


What do I get with my box?

    • Pre-cut fabrics based on your chose color, style and measurement.
    • Accessories like thread, needle and pins
    • “Mademyself” stickers and iron-ons
    • Instruction Manual in A4 sized paper.
    • Video Tutorials
    • Test fabric with sewing exercises
    • An envelope to send back leftover fabric for recycling

    How long does the whole process take?

    According to the feedback from our clients, it will take on average 1-1.5 hours. It will take even less time if you are an experienced sewer.


    How is it different from other “Ready to sew” kits available in the market?

    We give you the fabric already pre-cut based on your measurements, while most “Ready to Sew” kits only provide the fabric and associated pattern and you still have to do the work of cutting the fabric based on the pattern. This is one of the most time-consuming and tiresome parts of making your own clothes.

    Furthermore, all the “Ready to Sew'' kits are meant for experienced sewers and offer no special markings or guidance for novice. We strive hard to ensure that anyone can do it, even if it’s their first time using a sewing machine. We also have added features such as stickers, sew along lines which you will not find in other kits. We are also 100% organic.

    Do you also provide the pattern?

    No. Unfortunately we don’t. However if you want to reuse the pattern, feel free to recreate it based on the fabric outline.

    What do I need from my side?

    All you need is a sewing machine and the will to do it :)

    Why are you selling a box instead of a finished T-shirt?

    For several reasons!

    • We want people to experience making their own clothes and be more conscious of how clothes are made
    • We want to take a stand against ethical issues in fast fashion
    • We want to empower people by offering more customization and sizing options
    • We want to promote sustainable fashion by selling 100% organic fabric

    Why should I buy your box instead of a T-shirt from a fashion store?

    In most cases, fast fashion clothing is low quality due to using cheap materials and labor. They are made to fall apart quickly so you'd go back and purchase more. There are some exceptions occasionally, but in general, fast fashion is made to be thrown away after a couple of wears.

    Our aim is to ensure sustainable consumption. We want you to have a T-shirt that will last forever. For this reason we provide superior quality fabrics which are OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified.

    With our kit you also get to experience and become mindful of how clothes are made. In addition you can pick up a new skill: sewing! It goes beyond making your own clothes but also mending and repairing any fabric in your home. Finally you will not be contributing to the unethical practices in the garment industry. Currently up to 93% of major brands aren't paying their garment factory workers a minimum wage and they still employ significant amount of child labor.



    What level of sewing do I need to use your box?

    Zero. Even if you have never sewn or used a sewing machine before. We have built the tutorials with complete beginners in mind.

    I love the concept but I don’t know how to sew! Can I still use it?

    Yes. Some of our first clients had zero experience in sewing but were successfully able to make their T-shirts using our tutorials.



    Will you provide tutorials on how to use it?

    Yes. We provide highly detailed video tutorials which you can access using the link we provide in the box. You will also get a paper instruction manual with the same tutorial.

    What if I don’t succeed in making a T-shirt?

    Don’t worry. Nothing is permanent. You can always unstitch what you stitched and we will show you how.

    What if I get stuck while making my T-shirt?

    Don’t worry. Feel free to reach out to us via chat or email( and we will help you as soon as we are available.



    Are you 100% eco friendly?

    We provide 100% ethically and sustainably produced fabrics. More information here. Our packaging is entirely eco friendly. Only our thread is not yet organic, but we are working hard to be 100% sustainable.

    Do you have a recycling program?

    Yes! We attach an envelope with your kit so that you can send us back the leftover fabric or your old Mademyself T-shirts, which we then send to a recycling plant. Inorder to reduce carbon footprint, we recommend you send us a minimum of 500 grams. In return we also give you a 20% discount on your next purchase!

    How am I helping the environment by buying your T-shirt kit?

    Each year 2 billion t-shirts are sold with each t-shirt taking 766 gallons of water (10 bath tubs). This is primarily due to over-consumption and poor quality of clothes. By making your own clothes, you are less likely to throw away the T-shirt you have made. We also provide higher quality fabrics that will last you longer than fast fashion garments.

    Cotton growers typically use many of the most hazardous pesticides on the market. These pesticides can poison farm workers, drift into neighboring communities, contaminate ground and surface water and kill beneficial insects and soil micro-organisms.

    Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. It doesn't damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. By buying 100% organic you reduce your environmental footprint significantly.


    Why do you call yourselves a sustainable startup?

    Our mission is to advocate for more sustainable consumption of clothes.
    • We sell 100% eco-friendly fabric.
    • Our packaging is eco-friendly.
    • We are a zero waste startup where we recycle all waste fabric
    • We have a recycling program where our users can send back their old Mademyself T-shirts or leftover fabrics to us for recycling.

    There is always room for improvement so we will continue to strive to be more sustainable in our practices and be transparent about our journey towards full sustainability.



    Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the experience?

    Absolutely. We understand this is not for everyone. If you didn’t enjoy the experience and were not satisfied with your T-shirt, feel free to send it back to us and we will refund you 100%! Shipping excluded.



    I don’t see the color I like. Could I place a custom order?

    Sure! Send us a quick message on Chat or ask a question about our product on the Product Page and we will try to accommodate your request!

    I don’t see my size listed in your size offering?

    Unfortunately we don’t have this feature yet. But we are working to introduce more sizes. Nevertheless please send us a message with your Bust, Waist and Hip measurements or your standard size so that we can provide this in the future.

    What if I don’t want to use the “Made Myself” logo on my T-shirt?

    You don’t have to place the logo on the T-shirt if you don’t want to! We only intended the logo to showcase the fact that you made this T-shirt by yourself. You are free to put any logo you want :) Alternately you can also send us your request and we can do a custom logo!

    I would like some custom text on my T-shirt.

    Sure! Just send us a note with that text you would like and we can accommodate your request!



    Who are you?

    We are a small startup co-founded by two people who wanted to make fashion more sustainable and inclusive :) Read more about us here.


    I would like to partner with you. What should I do?

    Please send us an email at highlighting how you would like to partner with us and we will happily get back to you.


    Do you sell your kits on Amazon or other platforms?

    No. Our kits are sold exclusively through our website.